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My Notebook for Monday, November 29, 2010 November 30, 2010

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Goals for this week:

1. Sleep between 7.5-9 hours a night

2. Work on Number 1

3. No, really, work on Number 1. You haven’t slept that much on a regular, night after night basis in years and years. So seriously, work on Number 1.

That’s it, the sole drop of wisdom for the day. Oh, and it’s effing freezing outside, which I loathe, the sunrises and sunsets have been stupendously spectacular, and I wish my partner and I lived in the same city, sometimes quite ardently, but I never have said this aloud, or written it.


One Response to “My Notebook for Monday, November 29, 2010”

  1. I have read that the sleep you get before midnight is the most important, the most healing, so more motivation for getting to bed early. Not an issue for me, I love going to bed early and getting up early but don’t always sleep a good sleep all night.

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